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About Us

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Who We Are

Avalon Driving School was established in 2020. Having been in the industry and working closely in it for over a decade, when we started Avalon Driving School, we set out on a mission to make learning how to drive easy and fun.

We understand the size of our beautiful city of Orlando and unfortunately we can not always rely on public transportation to take us to different places such as work, school, job interviews, castings, etc.., that's why we are here to help you prepare to be safe behind-the-wheel. We offer lessons designed for beginners, the nervous, the mature or someone who just wants to brush-up on their driving skills.

We offer driving lessons for adults who are beginning or who just need some more practice to build up his/her confidence. Our courses offer the novice training in the fundamentals of driving skills, knowledge of driving strategically in traffic, a review of basic laws and rules of driving, as well as instruction in freeway driving and emergencies.